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As you MAY have noticed given my one or two latest submissions, I'm working double-time to have my old... group... project... thingy... :iconpokecitia-academy: open as soon as i can have it! Basically it's a fantasy setting, in a kingdom called PokéCitia, about to go into war with a neighbor enemy country of evilness... But so I can open it, I need mods to help me run the thing! So if it's not asking much, take a look at the group, see if it's something you'd like to participate in and, most important here, help to run as well! I'm looking for people who have at least some time to spare for it, as well as helping with events, ideas, resources, interacting with the future members, organizing all that stuff... soooo if it sounds like a thing that would interest you, check the group's latest journal about it (here: Academy Bulletin Board: The Academy needs YOU! ) and try for it! It'll be fun, you'll see! And if you could, please spread the news to people you'd think would be interested and would be good mods too! Sure I'd like to have some old friends helping in this, but any person who has some time and interest and can help in any way is eligible! =P Thanks in advance aaaaaand sorry for the wave of submissions lately while we're at that! XD there is even more coming
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Beast 016: Beknowner by saurodinus
Beast 016: Beknowner
These are the real nasty ones! Beknowners feed on magic but are highly territorial and will attack anything they FEEL approaching; also they are intelligent creatures, but it's impossible to understand their language (though they COULD in theory communicate via telepathy, but most of them don't want much with gijinkas). They are actually quite fragile physically BUT they can feel living creatures approach AND attack with all their eyes at once, making it a formidable adversary.

Each eye is shaped as a letter, which corresponds to a different power (the eyes on each Beknowner seem to be random):

A - Psychic (psychic attack on enemy)
B - Destiny Bond (the opponent that kills the beknowner also dies)
C - The creature creates seven illusory other copies of itself
D - Draco Meteor (summons magic meteors from the sky upon the enemies)
E - Earthquake (it is immune to it as it floats)
F - Fire Blast (powerful fire attack)
G - the beknowner becomes ethereal protecting all of its eyes against most attacks
H - makes the beknowner's skin hard as steel
I - Blizzard (summons a storm that hits all enemies and may freeze)
J - The creature flees somewhere else instantly
K - turns the target into stone
L - Leech Seed (a plant grows on the user's body that leechs its life and gives it to the monster)
M - summons a random monster to the room
N - Normal type magic missiles (weak elementless attack)
O - Thunder Wave (renders and opponent immobile)
P - Hydro Pump (strong water attack) 
Q - blinds the target for a week
R - Razor Wind (elemental wind attack)
S - boosts the beknowner's attributes
T - Teleport (the creature teleports the target to somewhere else in the world)
U - Protect (protect the creature against the next blow)
V - puts the opponent to sleep
X - Toxic (badly poisons the victim)
Y - it makes bubbles
Z - makes all clothes and equipment of the victim disappear!
w - the creature heals itself
! - the target dies instantly!
? - charms the victim to fight alongside the beknowner

Beast 015: Gorviper by saurodinus
Beast 015: Gorviper
Gorvipers hunt to eat, and even though they don't eat gijinkas, most of them find it pretty fun to play with people stupid enough to enter their lair and eventually make them part of the decoration. As with most humanoid monsters, they are relatively smart and can talk, but in most cases it's not gonna be very useful as there's little a gorviper could want from a person that it can't get by yourself. Also all of them seem to be female but it is a mystery how they came to be... what is not a mystery is their challenge level, though! Don't look these in the eye!

Beast 014: Aerogoyle by saurodinus
Beast 014: Aerogoyle
Despite being hard and heavy, Aerogoyles are pretty agile fighters, so beware! They could even take your Recruit high up in the air and drop them! Like any demon, they attack pretty much any living thing that's around their lair, but they don't eat people. One of them shouldn't be too much trouble for a competent squad, but a bunch of them can be a real pain!

Beast 013: Desert Dragon by saurodinus
Beast 013: Desert Dragon
Some nasty guys today, so hold your horses! Desert Dragons can fly and are pretty fast; they don't have any kind of breath like many other dragons, but it is a pretty vicious fighter nonetheless, specially at close quarters! Their tails have very sharp blades that they also use to fight, and they're about a two-store house tall.

Also it's not unheard of some creatures native to the Eerie Frontier to show up in the city or in the Dragon Sanctuary, areas which border with these abandoned deserts, so beware when travelling! ...did I mention new Recruits should avoid the Frontier? Yeah, they better avoid that place.

Beast 012: Rapidagasus by saurodinus
Beast 012: Rapidagasus
Yup, fire wings ftw. Also, magic unicorn horns. This guy has it all!

Anyway, Rapidagasus are very fast creatures that can fly and attack enemies ramming in flames; it's by no means a hostile creature but it will certainly defend itself! There aren't many of these around as well... I wonder if they can even be tamed! :iconohohoplz: 

That's all for now! Keep an eye on :iconpokecitia-academy: for all things PokéCitia!


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