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Coloring my potential character for :iconpocket-crest: , a group that mixes pokémon and fire emblem! I'll be enlisting the Probopass Knight Madelyne, so it might be your only chance in life to see a probopass gijinka being colored! Amazing! And yes, I am making characters even though I'm about to open a group.

:iconletteriplz: :iconletterdplz::iconletteroplz::iconletternplz::iconlettertplz: :iconlettereplz::iconlettervplz::iconlettereplz::iconletternplz: :iconlettercplz::iconletteraplz::iconletterrplz::iconlettereplz:

Depending on how fast I finish I might color some monsters or do some sketches, we will see! So if you're just around doing nothing, hop in! but only up to ten people because join,me

:iconbluesparklesplz: :iconredsparklesplz:


Everybody Knows the Bird's Clothes by saurodinus
Everybody Knows the Bird's Clothes
The clothing of the bird; she cares more about her looks than the mayor, so the range of stuff she wears is bigger also she has to buy clothes in the special section of the stores where shirts and blouses have holes in the back for winged gijinkas

Casual Outfit: A standard bird clothing :U it is a bit "serious" since it is the clothing she wears in the university and also goes to work; she usually plays safe with her everyday clothing, except on the colors, which are often very bright;

Job Outfit: Since she is just an intern people aren't too picky about what she wears so she usually wears the same clothing she uses at the University to work, but she always wear her ID card and the ponytail to look more professional (and also it's more practical lol); her internship is at the office of Pokémon Channel,with lots of burocracy and coffee-bringing, but when she does an extra in some tv show, she wears whatever the role asks;

Formal Outfit: A simple, girly party outfit; she carries a purse and wears no glasses. She doesn't go to many parties so it is her fanciest piece of clothing;

:iconblacksparklesplz::iconpokecity::iconorangesparklesplz: We opening on the 5th! Amazing! :Y
PokeCity's Totally Tubular 80's Document by saurodinus
PokeCity's Totally Tubular 80's Document…

A document for PokéCity citizens to fill! Draw your characters as their rad 80's selves because everyone knows it is the superior decade! Can be your fancy, extra-colorful, extra-cheesy 80's stuff or even dressed as a character or cliche of the time! Take these bright colors out and have fun! ~<3 Because what better way to bring an old-school group back than an old-school meme

Shocking Clothing by saurodinus
Shocking Clothing
Lydia in three kinds of outfits :V I totally butchered her in these but hey lol

Casual Outfit: A standard metalhead outfit! :U She likes comfortable clothes and band shirts, with a bit of magnestyle!

Work Outfit: A suit for work as mayor! In practical sense, it fails to be as formal as needed, but you can't take out the musician on her, even in the clothing!

Formal Outfit: A party outfit, fancy and decidedly simple, Lydia is out of her element in here so she consciously decides to not invent too much... she isn't too fond of formal events!

:iconredsparklesplz::iconpokecity::iconbluesparklesplz: Opening December 5th! Join usssss! >:B
Zygarde 6,33333 % Form by saurodinus
Zygarde 6,33333 % Form

because what's congruence

seriously that's the result of sleep depravation
My Top 25 Videogames :-o by saurodinus
My Top 25 Videogames :-o
An updated top games list... it was a Top Ten previously, but I added 15 more and reorganized the list... the order isn't all that important really, it changes a lot depending on the time of my life, but I wanted it to include more games, seeing how I've played... a whoooooole lot of them, and ten was a bit too little, also wanted to include a few games I played recently that left an impression on me... some other games I really like and they look like stuff that could be in here, but I never actually got to finish (Okami, Earthbound, etc)...  also, I've took actual pics of the games, instead of scavenging the internet for stuff lol. A couple of the games I never had a hard copy, so I took a bad picture of the actual screen, on a portable system for convenience =P

And remember everyone: it's my opinion, it's not even a list of games I think are BEST, just the ones that I care the most!

25. Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II
So yyyeeeaaah it starts already with a pretty depressing one |D Even though "Online" is in the name of this one, having a modem on a Gamecube system was pretty unheard of (Gamecubes alone were kinda a rarity to see), so yeah... even though I played this one a lot... I never played online |D But I love the setting of the game, the music, the thrill of having those red boxes dropping from enemies... and just writing about it makes me want to go and play it... pretty grindy game though with controls that are kinda awkward nowadays, definitely not for everyone, but holds great nostalgia for me.

24. The Last of Us
A Playstation-only game in this! What can I even say about this game that everyone else already have... I love zombie movies and this game is one of my favorite |D it is pretty much a zombie movie you get to play, a pretty awesome one at that! I like that the zombieness is actually a kind of disease/parasite, and the crafting system is sooo coherent with this world they created... and don't get me started on Clickers! If you like horror games, you have to play this! That said, I couldn't care less about the multiplayer lol but I guess it's nice it's there, for people who are into it? For me, it's not the strongest point of the package... but the campaign is just amazing.

23. Starfox 64
"Do  a barrel roll!" - "Slippy, Watch out! Boggey on your tail!" - "Hey Einstein, I'm on your side!" - "I cannot allow you to go any further!" - "I admit defeat." - "Cocky little freaks!" Also, this game is pretty cool, too.

22. Pokémon Black & White
I like several of the main pokémon games, but the top one for me got to be the first games of generation 5; it's a very focused experience, with a bit more focus on story than other entries which for me payed off greatly, and I love that they had the balls to use only new pokémon for the main quest. Also those sprites are incredibly nostalgic for me, now that we properly had 3D pokémon games, and Black and White has the sprite artwork at the finest of the series; and ultimately; how could one say no to a fire moth?

21. Skies of Arcadia
Pirates on airships. There, you love it already. Now seriously, A vast world full of secrets and highly explorable, tactical airship battles, very likeable characters... it IS a bit on the slow side and veeeery traditional for a JRPG, but if that's not a problem for you, highly recommended... aside the fact you can only play it in Dreamcast and Gamecube, two game systems that... yyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhh... 

20. Diablo II
A PC game, of all things! :V The king of... whatever kind of RPG you consider it to be, it's an expansive game that got people playing for yyyyeeeeaaarrrss and I'd argue it's still more fun than playing its sequel. Every single hero is fun and different to play, lots of monsters and places to explore, and it's always challenging; good grinding times!

19. Kirby's Adventure
Second Kirby game I guess? First one on a console I guess? Well, an old, easy game to relax and have some fun with powers; my hard copy is actually the same one I used to rent on my old video store (yeah that was a thing in the 80's and 90's), but I also have it on pretty much every virtual console I happen to own, usually a gift from good old Club Nintendo! There's even a remake of this one on the Game Boy Advance and Wii U, and a 3D version for the 3DS.

18. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
I'm one of those that believes the Paper Mario games (well, number 1 and 2, at least) OWN EVERY OTHER MARIO RPG OUT THERE :U Yes, even Super Mario RPG; don't get me wrong, that one is super awesome too, but for my money, TTYD is the best Goomba-stomping grinding you could get. They go all out with their paper jokes, chapters are pretty unique and gameplay is top-notch, but downside is that the ONLY way to play it is on a Gamecube/old-model Wii or emulators I guess but you didn't hear it from me lol

17. Xenoblade Chronicles
One of the newer games I've finished, and boy that one is a handful XD MASSIVE JRPG with hundreds of quests, epic story, likeable characters, unique world, lots of systems to keep any RPG nerd entertained! It is on Wii (I suppose it's kinda rare to find) and the New 3DS (haven't played that version though but it's pretty impressive to have a game this huge on a cartridge lol)

16. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
I was a bit disappointed when Nintendo showed that the new Zelda wouldn't be Lord of the Rings Zelda back in early 2000's, but once I played through it all, I had no doubt I had gone through one of the most unique gaming experiences you could have, as there's nothing quite like TWW out there, even for Zelda games... and now there's even an HD version, which is highly recommended!

15. Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2
A rhythm game for the old DS. It's probably not that easy to grab one, and the fact it is Japan-only doesn't help... there was a first game (duh) and a western version named Elite Beat Agents, but I like the music in the japanese sequel the best in all games. It's a rhythm game where you touch the markers with your stylus, and they can be pretty tricky in higher difficulties. Any of the 3 games is highly recommend! And the amount of time I spent in these is unholy

14. Monster Hunter Tri
Like many would put it, Monster Hunter Tri is all about killing big, bad dinosaur bosses. You kill a monster, carve its body, make better gear to hunt and even tougher monster. It's pretty much the only game you ever need in your life :U jk jk
It's one of the few games that I reeeeeaaaaally played online, and got more of 600 hours of grinding of the Wii version. There are newer games on Wii U and 3DS, and are all great picks too (since in all honesty the sequels aren't all that different).

13. Chrono Trigger
Many claim this to be the finest JRPG OF ALL TIME. And... they may be right. It holds up wonderfully, even after 20 years; the characters, the battle system, story, time travel, combo skill system, multiple endings... it's all engaging and intriguing to this day! I have no hard copy of this game, but it's highly available beyond its original SNES cartridge (Wii shop, DS port, PS1 port, PSN, even smartphones). If you like games at all, just play it!

12. Resident Evil 4
Let's face it: Capcom will never get something this right again. While action games have gone long ways since RE4, it came at the right time, with everything it needed to shine. This game just oozes polish and there was nothing quite like it back then; sure, this IS when Resident Evil started to get even more ridiculous, but it's so fun to play and memorable you'll hardly notice!
Hello stranger; what are you buying?

11. The World Ends With You
This DS game tells the story of Neku Sakuraba, a kid with a bad attitude that has seven days to beat the Reaper's challenge and avoid being erased... aaaand that's all the explanation you are getting, as describing this RPG is pretty difficult XD it's one of the few contemporary RPGs out there, great story. great characters, great... time overall XD If you like RPGs and didn't play it, go after it, please. There's s remake for phones and apple touch devices, and it may be even better than the original, so there's no. excuse. not. TO PLAY IT. :iconwthewwwplz:

10. Mega Man 3 
I was never that good at these NES hard games, but boy, I've beaten Mega Man 3 |D It has some of my fav game soundtracks in fact SnakeMan's theme is my phone call, some cool retro graphics and tight gameplay (though there is the eventual dip in framerate, but it's usually manageable). You can play this baby anywhere, really... I got it on 3DS, the Mega Man collection on PS4 and this Gamecube collection in the pic, which is probably the worst way to play the game as the controls are inverted and you can't change... but yay for my only hard copy of it lol
I've beat Mega Man 2 recently, and it's great and it's popular, but I have a story with 3. I just like it better lol (I also played 2 back then tho, but didn't finish)

9. Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Yeah kinda cheating here but hey, you cna combo the two games and make them be one so have it! I guess it's like... 20+ stages of some of the best Sonic gaming you can find, three characters to play, first Sonic game to have save files? Yes, sign me in! This is also a game that is easy to find, I usually play in the Mega Collection for Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox, or the Genesis Collection for PS3 and 360 (not sure if the Genesis Collection has the "combo" version of Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, but I suppose you could play them as separate games too... you'd miss some cool stuff like Hyper Sonic tho

8. Eternal Darkness
lol I've already talked about this game a few times... survival horror game, lovecraftian creatures, insanity system, magic system, multiple protagonists, several stages around the world, different ways to play through... it's a shame the game is lost in time limbo, thanks to Microsoft buying Silicon Knights but ED still belonging to Nintendo so... emulate it, I guess! normally i wouldn't say that but hunting ED copies and gamecubes isn't really an option for normal people lol 

7. Metroid Prime
Yup, they sure made Metroid work in 3D |D and I just love the transition... the game is atmospheric, challenging, exploring is fun, the music is absolutely awesome Phendrana Drifts, shooting and scanning is fun (OCD), Samus has some neat upgrades, and rolling on those spider tracks is just so cool! She has various weapons, visors, armors... this game got it all! And the story is pretty cool, and... metroids in 3D. The game turns into a horror game when they show up. Trust me! This gamecube gem is also available on the Wii's Metroid Prime Trilogy which recently made its way into the Wii U eshop too, so grab it if you can! I love my metallic hard copy tho I prefer to play the gamecube version best lol
6. Final Fantasy VI
For me, it has the best characters, touching story, a fun magic system, best music of all entries, a crowd of characters to pick for your team, secrets and even some classy 16-bit ridiculousness, so definitely my favorite Final Fantasy game! It's a pretty easy game to find too, available on PSN, smartphones (with cool remade graphics and not so cool tough controls lol), PS1 port, Game Boy Advanced port... :'D it also has the best villain, Kefka 

5. Super Smash Bros.
What one can even say about Smash Bros? |D It's all the characters you love, beating the living hell out of each other! I have great nostalgia for the Gamecube version, but the Wii U is bigger in every way and better balanced, so it's a tough choice for me, really... I'm not a big fan of the three other versions, but they are good games too, but for me it's between those two! o v o also I used to be super addicted to these games lol Just get your fav version, fav mascot and punch other mascots as far as you can!

4. Super Mario 64
I was BLOWN AWAY when I first played this game on a store, before its release. What sorcery of 3D stages is that? Everything in Mario 64 just works, and personally, I don't think anyone has made a 3D platformer to this day that comes anywhere close to this one. It reeks of pure fun! Big Mario face that you can turn into horrific monsters? FUN. Save files to not have to use passwords or finish the game in one run? FUN. Playful stages and overworld full of interesting things to discover and missions? FUN. Throwing giant turtles on spiky balls? FUN. Flying through the skies and butt stomping on passerby koopas that are more afraid of me than me of them? DEFINITELY FUN.
The version on the pic is the DS one, and I... don't think it's really the best version you could get, cause portable controls are kinda awkward and many of the new stars are repetitive and no-brainers and feel a bit like padding to a game that was already kinda big, but... if it's your only way to play this, go for it!

3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
It's dark. Depressing. The world is about to end. Everyone will die in 3 days. And you have a mask that explodes your face.
Majora's Mask is, in many ways, veeeery similar to Ocarina of Time and somehow, very unique... it's hard to explain, but I think the sense of familiarity also adds to the game's sense of weirdness... there's nothing like it anywhere, but if you ever give its 3-day system a chance, it's an amazing experience! Definitely one of the greatest Zeldas and game ever!

2. Super Mario Bros. 3
Mario 3 is not only the best Mario game in my opinion, but also the FIRST videogame I've EVER played! So yeah, there's a lot of nostalgia in action here, but not only it; this game is full of fun, just like Mario 64, but in a completely different way... it's challenging, it's vast, it even has its own movie to announce its arrival, how many games can say that? Mario 3 was huge, and when it arrived, it delivered... I love it and I have several versions of it, cause when you feel like some gaming, few things scream gaming more than the good old 2D goomba-jumping action!

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
My favorite game ever. The anticipation for this one was high; sure, nowadays it's easy for people that never played it scoff at it because of graphics or mechanics that are commonplace these days, but... there was nothing like it back in 1998. It was epic, it was massive, had awesome music, it had... commercials |D Okay, what I'm trying to explain is that it has some kind of magic that is hard to explain for people that weren't around or never liked games... that day and night cycle, getting a horse, that epic final showdown... so many gamey things that people were experiencing for the first time in a very immersive world... personally, even if games have evolved beyond it now, it absolutely deserves the epic status it acquired, and... if you've never played it... you should work on fixing that!

Those were my Top 25 games! The meme was made by :iconzombidj: (I modified it lol) ! You can find it here:…

The games belongs to the people that made them :V (well the hard copies in the pic are mine I guess lol)

Any games up there you've played? And what are the top games you feel you like more? Sound below if you feel like it! 8D


Tadeu Aleksiejuk
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

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Is that one person only? Mine is a group - in the worst scenario I think the worse that could happen is that no one can find pics of my group through the search since there seems to be a lot more stuff in there lol
Ebonyleopard Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
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