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Coloring my potential character for :iconpocket-crest: , a group that mixes pokémon and fire emblem! I'll be enlisting the Probopass Knight Madelyne, so it might be your only chance in life to see a probopass gijinka being colored! Amazing! And yes, I am making characters even though I'm about to open a group.

:iconletteriplz: :iconletterdplz::iconletteroplz::iconletternplz::iconlettertplz: :iconlettereplz::iconlettervplz::iconlettereplz::iconletternplz: :iconlettercplz::iconletteraplz::iconletterrplz::iconlettereplz:

Depending on how fast I finish I might color some monsters or do some sketches, we will see! So if you're just around doing nothing, hop in! but only up to ten people because join,me

:iconbluesparklesplz: :iconredsparklesplz:


Ensemble Lesson by saurodinus
Ensemble Lesson
Show four outfits your character uses!

Casual Clothes: A freebie!

Sleeping Clothes: Show me how you sleep! censor bars are appreciated in case they are needed! >:U

Fancy Clothes: Show me the stuff you wear in fancy places!

Swimsuit: Show me what wear you use to bath in the sea! Remember kids, in this plane we are still in Victorian Era, so dress accordingly even at the beach!

:iconyellowsparklesplz: :iconpokecitia-academy: :iconyellowsparklesplz:
She Puts Sin in Sinamann by saurodinus
She Puts Sin in Sinamann


 Here's a teacher that was on mission; Becky has all the reasons to be afraid of this particular elf (luckily she's not her teacher lol);  o v o'


:iconpandorasinplz::iconsaysplz: "You bunch certainly are the most pathetic excuses for Soldiers I've seen in all my time here in the Academy. It seems I'll have plenty of fun making your lives miserable!"



Name: Pandora Sinamann


Gender: Female


Race: Elf


Age: Unknown (looks mid-20's)


Birthday:  Unknown


Pokémon:  # 484 Palkia


Type:  :iconwatertypeplz::icondragontypeplz:


Ability:  Pressure - Pandora's menacing presence on the battlefield makes the enemies spend more energy attacking her also helps on making students do homework


House: Crystalis


Job: Magiknight


Rank: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:  General


Weapons:  Tidal Glory (one-handed sword) and Spacial Rend (enchanted science fiction book)



:iconwatertypeplz: Aqua Tail: The Magiknight stretches and then loosens the planar blade of Tidal Glory to hit the enemy with water ~

:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Breath: Pandora blows a purple fire on enemies ~ usually while smoking

 :icondragontypeplz: Spacial Rend: Using her enchanted book, Pandora shifts to another plane and use shards of it to pierce the enemy ~

:iconrocktypeplz: Stone Edge: Pandora sticks her blade in the ground, shifting the ground underneath the enemy into a pillar of rocks ~

:iconnormaltypeplz:  Slash: A vicious slash with Tidal Glory ~

:iconnormaltypeplz:  Substitute:  Pandora spends a chunk of her health to change the frequency of her plane shifting and create a water copy of herself to fool the adversary ~


:bookdiva: Classes Assigned :bookdiva:


:bookdiva: Magic Combat

:bookdiva: Melee Weapon Combat


 :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: Story  :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple:



Found in an excavation in the remote landmark known as the Ice Tomb 25 years ago, Pandora was a curiosity of science and magic... even having her out of her crystal prison was complicated, as the thing was harder than most materials known and it kept disappearing without a logical explanation. It was shortly after the teenager elf girl was free and recovered that it became clear why: Pandora apparently had weird disappearing powers, which initially scholars thought was some kind of teleport. The young, energetic elf was then claimed military property for research, and taken to Floor 51, a super secret (that everyone knows exists now) military facility that researches unnatural phenomena of PokéCitia.

She was raised underground, spending most of her life in the facility, the exception being she using her powers to often escape to the sea around the base (which she loved) . She certainly didn't love being a lab rat, but she also didn't know any better, as she was too young very young when found and her memories prior her sleep were nothing but flashes she didn't comprehend, and with the time, she just got used to that life. But not all were flowers: she was still subject to tests; even if scholars treated her the best they could and she had some respect for them, the closest she ever had of family. They discovered her power wasn't as much teleporting, as it is shifting to a completely different plane, and in an unfortunate  test, she ended up in a Hell Plane, where everyone learned that for her to go some plane... something from the other plane comes here as a trade-off. And a demon came from that plane, which made a massacre on the base in the few minutes it took for Pandora to come back, now scared to use her gift, and end up in that nightmarish place again.

Military disclaimer: Pandora had a peaceful and uneventful life away from anything bad or out of ordinary, really;

But, a couple years later, one day like any other, everything would change for the Palkia. 

The War for the Frontier raged, and it was offered to Pandora to fight as a soldier, in exchange for some more freedom for her. She accepted, and... war was much worse than she ever thought. She had a minor training before going to war, when it was suggested to her to focus her powers on a single Plane when plane shifting... she chose the Water Plane, where Water Elementals come from, and adapted surprisingly well, as it wasn't a very dangerous Plane and it was filled with water, which she loved. A few months later she went to the battlefield, meeting the vicious power of the Shadow Elves, and only survived because of her powers and being saved by generals Mr. Headmaster and Basilius Tiberium.

Pandora didn't take losing too well, and trained vigorously for almost a year, before joining a special squad formed by General Tiberium, which mixed armed units, scientific units and magic units. They won the war and were the seed of the Academy, and also officially the beginning of Pandora's Military career.

While there was no major war after that, Pandora excelled at fighting against monsters and other threats,getting the nickname of "Merciless Angiss of War", because of her white armor, and rose ranks to General quickly. When the Academy was founded, She was assigned as a Teacher, and that's her position since then; she is not the biggest fan of teaching, but they give her more freedom and the pay is good, so she continues, sometimes taking on special missions and leading squads into dangerous places. 


:bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple:  Personality   :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple:


Pandora is... not nice. She spent most of her life away from people, interacting with scholars and punishing Shadow Elves sooooo her social skills aren't the finest, having the incredible ability of offending or putting down someone in pretty much every sentence that comes out of her mouth. Some people think it was something she saw/interacted with in the Hell Plane that changed her, others think that excessive training and fighting made her cold, but most just think the quick military ascension rose to her head, really. She loves all the good things the money can buy, and tries to live an elegant lifestyle when not at work, being a very material girl... especially liking pearls. She will defend every citizen and soldier under her when need arises, though she may let rookies take a small beat before entering in action, in hopes of having them tough up, yet she may scold them nonetheless for being weak. She never seem to care much for anyone, not even other elves, but seems to show great respect only for Mr. Headmaster, though no one can be sure if it's just because he is her superior. 

Though she has all these... unique traits, she is usually calm and will just ignore most people  until she's spoken to or has to speak with anyone; most of her sentences will be an insult, an order or a combination of both.



:bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: Likes and Dislikes :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple:


- Likes fashion, swimming, smoking, reading, worthy foes, pearls, meditation, luxury in general, her quiet and peaceful Water Plane, Meredith,  the taste of students' tears  ~


- Dislikes Hates annoying/pedantic/boring people, people reading over her shoulder, people that can't stay quiet, people too agitated,sick people, bad people, uneducated people,  nosy people, weak people, ...  people.

 Also shadow elves, demons, lazy students, cold coffee or tea,  incompetence, fairies, polluted water, clowns, bugs, fairy tales, sea food, elves, bad scents, poorness.

...and games, sweat, noisy places like factories, thieves, begging and kids.

... oh, and also the undead, lovefruit, too much sugar on desserts or tea, bad clothi... ok, you get the idea, she dislikes many things~


:bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: Additional Info   :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple: :bulletwhite::bulletpurple:

:bulletwhite: Being a Palkia, Pandora can plane shift: she switchs place with something that's on the same place as her, but in another dimension. Her record in another plane, the Water one, is 6.73 minutes (with that same time until she can try again), but when using it in battle, she stays there only for a few seconds, to maneuver around the battlefield and surprise enemies, as it's easier for her to shift when meditating and out of battle situations. If she focus a bit, she can see what's happening in two different planes at once; and when she uses her powers, water from the other plane substitutes her in this one; while it kinda looks like she is teleporting, she actually is moving/swimming normally and changing only her own frequency to be in different planes when/where it is convenient to her (so if she wants to get an enemy "from behind", she plane shifts to the Water Plane, swims aaaaall the way behind him and then shifts back);

:bulletpurple: Pandora's "sword", Tidal Glory, is just a standard hilt of a sword, and the blade is actually a sharp slice of the Water Plane she shifts here, in blade form. She can only mantain it for some time, about 15-30 minutes, depending on how much shifting she's been using;

:bulletwhite: Pandora's book, Spacial Rend, is a somewhat old (the tale itself, not her book specifically) science-fiction story of a young boy that falls in a dimensional gap, ending up in an post-apocalyptic version of his own world taken over by an extraplanar race. It is her favourite one, and her version of the book was enchanted in a dread Dragon Plane by her, which allows her to weaponize that dimension. She can only use it a few times before having to enchant the book once again;

:bulletpurple: She is dependent of her cigarettes, and also believes it's classy to blow smoke on the face of people she dislike ;

:bulletwhite: Pandora also needs her underwater meditation time, which helps her control her anger (believe it or not she usually is in control); when there's no water nearby to do so, she plane shifts to the Water Plane;

:bulletpurple: It probably goes without saying, but Pandora is pretty vain, and she likes all the pretty things money can bring (her room in the Academy is among the most luxurious), even if people avoid her in social events for being elf it doesn't help she adds to the bad reputation of the whole race by being a jerk ;

:bulletwhite: Pandora loves some fashion; she will be in her white suit with the purple tie in and no hat while working; she only wears  hats when casually strolling around or shopping or something like that; she has many dresses though, most of them a combination of white and purple;

:bulletpurple: The Teacher uses her hair tied all the time when she is on the Academy; in battle, she uses her hair on a braid or just free (which is somewhat rare for her); her armor is a fine leather version of the one used by Royal knights (which she fought alongside before, naturally), to ease her moving around in the Water Plane a bit and give some protection; 

:bulletwhite: Meredith is the name of Pandora's stalleon; it is a name she somehow remembers, though not from who it belonged, yet she holds it dear; it's a pretty obedient ride, but it's kinda useless without Pandora commanding it;

:bulletpurple: Pandora is responsible for much of the Academy's paperwork, a job that was offered when she joined as Teacher; she doesn't have much Academic knowledge, but is good enough in the common language so she can do most of the school paperwork (including many of the general Lessons); her role in the Academy, other than Teacher / General, is Headmaster's Secretary;

:bulletwhite: Though it is never explicitly said for anyone in the army, Pandora was and still is considered military property; in practical terms it doesn't serve much purpose, as she's free to come and go when not on duty, but she's obliged to undertake right away any superior order, and the not fulfillment of that automatically classifies her as omega-level threat deserter and she must be captured or killed by any army member that spots her (easier said than done though)

:bulletpurple: Pandora doesn't feel any different about elves  than to other races: since she wasn't raised by any elf, has fought some evil elf-looking people and has no elf family, she just thinks they are as useless as all the rest, or maybe even more;

:bulletwhite: When Pandora was found 25 years ago, the only thing she had with her was some kind of small, yellow paper that had, supposedly, a picture and some info on her...

Reference to Armor/Stalleon:…

Pandora and Meredith by saurodinus
Pandora and Meredith
The Teacher in Full Battle Gear, plus her stalleon, Meredith~

The stalleon does a pretty good job on obeying her, since they've been together for a while, but unfortunately it can be quite... lost when not taking directing orders, or too far from home. It's not the brightest ride around, but Pandora is used to it :>

Beast 053: Carniboros by saurodinus
Beast 053: Carniboros
Yes, we are going there :iconwthewwplz:

A mutated plant that craves for flesh, Carniboros are rare and very hard to bring down; they fight with their multiple tentacles, have their trademark gas attack and can fly; that said it's susceptible to extreme temperatures, like all plants. It may also munch on enemies and spit them, to get energy in the middle of a battle.

Their poisonous gas is used when they are weakened or cornered, and cause the following status change to everyone in it's reach: Poison, Burn, Freeze, Paralyze, Sleep and Confusion, as well as the effects of the moves Attract (infatuation, independent of gender), Perish Song (if near the Carniboros, will die in three turns) and Embargo (can't use items); the standard status can be healed by status-healing moves such as Aromatherapy or Heal Bell~



Tadeu Aleksiejuk
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

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