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Sandstream by saurodinus

So there you have it! More... Toni... on... weird-ish... angle. Yeah. cantblamemefortryingtho

But seriously dear watchers, I know I owe you all the Kalos gijinka but I'm kinda... you know... until then I'll try to at least not be too inactive |D

Cosplay Flygon! by saurodinus
Cosplay Flygon!
This big boy is huge took me the whole day :U

Hey you didn't think there would be only useful memes today, right? LET'S DRESS UP!

From top to bottom, left to right:
MAID TONI - Self-explanatory and fan-servicey! Toni doesn't like uniforms!
MODERN TONI - Toni with nowadays clothes! I chose a hoodie because that's what the PW journal told me not to do (but here's okay!) O u O
ANIME TONI - I was told more than once that Toni looks like Yoko from Gurren Lagann, so... here it is! I don't watch it so I got nothing!
CARTOON TONI - Toni dressed as Rogue from the superior X-men cartoon, the one from the 90's (okay I don't watch it in a while and it's probably cheesy but hey. She's green and flies that's good enough for me)
UNIFORM TONI - The official uniform for the Canori High! (not really I just came up with that)
BOOK TONI - She is the Little Prince! I was torn between this and Captain Ahab... but I've never read Moby Dick, so this one!
DISNEY TONI - Toni as a "sand" version of Elsa, as I hinted in the hair meme!The heat never bothered her anyway
MOVIE TONI - Toni as the hero to end all heroes, Infra-man! What, you don't know who's that? Please educate yourself:…
FREE SPACE - Something western-ish to finish, Toni as Annie from the old Wild Guns game on the SNES (only the hardcore will know this one):…;

Original meme belongs to :iconpoke-west:
Toni is my character :I
All references and stuff belong to their owners!
Aging is Evil by saurodinus
Aging is Evil
What is that a meme that actually tells something about the character? It's been a while since I last filled one of these!

From left to right:

INFANCY - Ellie as a baby Deino! As harmless as she will ever get!
CHILDHOOD - Ellie is a kid here! She often sneaks out to play in the pesky sun and often gets wounded, and then scolded by her parents! But hey she has a pokeball lollipop so not all is bad!
ADOLESCENCE - Ellie is a teenager, a few years younger than she is now, and evolved into a Zweilous. That is the age she is made fun of and started feeling emo and stuff. In a couple years from here she would be an orphan. 
ADULTHOOD - In a few years, when Ellie has found the second book and experiment its magic, she eventually discovers a potion that cures her and lets her walk freely in daylight... but it has these... "collateral effects"... It may be further or closer in the future, depending on when she finds the evil book (or it may never happen if she doesn't find it).
OLD AGE - Not even... human (gijinka) anymore?

Original meme belongs to :iconpoke-west:
Ellie is my character!
Happy Valentines Day! by saurodinus
Happy Valentines Day! what I'd say if these two were a couple... but they are not! So Samson will be all stalky stalky!

:icondrapionplz::iconsaysplz: Man look at her figure! Her hair! Her ruthless business policy! She's so perfect!  :heart:u:heart:

Samson is my character! Mimi is :iconsakurarmarie: 's character!

<s> Also I may make the "Sexy no jutsu meme" too... but I'm not sure the world is ready for it... once seen, you can't unsee it
These Cookies Are as Tasteless as You Two by saurodinus
These Cookies Are as Tasteless as You Two
Ellie with her two new "friends"... Number One and Number Two! Two homunculus she created with the knowledge on her magic book to test her healing magic on! They are kinda clones somewhat so they have the same problem as Ellie (which is what she wanted), but they aren't very smart and don't have much of a personality either... which makes them great minions! Ok they are more "okay" minions but still 

I also changed her haircut and dress a bit, so they look a bit more hydreigon...ish? I updated Ellie's app with this drawing and submitted the old one to my scraps.

Hey everyone! *waves* As you may have notice, I have been uploading one or other pokémon gijinka drawing for a couple weeks... but it has been kinda tiring and I may been getting sick so I'm taking a break of these drawings for now and taking it slow... you may still see drawings around here during this break but I'm delaying the Kalos pokémon gijinka (still going to post all the ones from Unova I've done so there's still a couple days worth of drawings ahead). Meanwhile I'll try some different stuff, also thinking of making a Pokémon Nuzlocke Challenge of either White or White 2 versions, and if I do you may see art related to that here as well, we will see! We will talk more later, thanks everyone for the support with the faves and comments and all that good stuff, it's all very appreciated as always!
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